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The WasteForce project aims to boost the operational activities and capacities of authorities involved in the fight against illegal trade and management of waste.

WasteForce, coordinated by IMPEL, focuses on deterring and disrupting illegal trade and management of waste by developing tools for enforcement, forensics and capacity building. WasteForce will run for two years, terminating end of 2020. WasteForce is subdivided into work packages, with differing task leaders, time tables and subjects. They are all aiming towards delivering outputs contributing to and reaching the overall project’s objectives.

Illegal management and trade of waste causes significant damage to the environment, undermines the health of millions of people, and distorts fair competition. It can result in loss of income to authorities, while providing significant financial gain for those illicitly involved. Despite strong efforts to better detect and investigate waste crimes, it remains quite challenging to carry out proper investigations and prosecutions. There is a need for more harmonised prosecutions strategies, increased national capacities, and enhanced international operational collaboration. The WasteForce project aims at boosting the operational activities and capacities of authorities involved in the fight against illegal trade and management of waste through:

  • development of new practical tools and methodologies
  • implementation of multi-stakeholder capacity building activities
  • support of operational networking among practitioners in Europe and with their counterparts in the Asia- Pacific region, one of the main regions of destination of illicit waste shipments.

WasteForce is the result of the Grant Agreement between the European Union and the following parties: IMPEL, IRSOP, UNU, NFI-EF, UL, UNITAR, DHPol, and IGAMAOT.

The website: www.wasteforceproject.eu

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