PREVENT – Portal for Environmental Enforcers

Online depository of training and capacity building materials

With the launch of the PREVENT portal, IMPEL has reached an important milestone. The PREVENT portal provides environmental authorities and law enforcement agencies with fundamental and up-to-date information on how to better prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute waste and wildlife trafficking. It compiles information and good practices from relevant manuals and reports, legislation, cases studies and tools. PREVENT contains an online depository of training and capacity building materials and is a collaborative work by projects coordinated by IMPEL and executed with various consortium partners.

The first version of the Shipment of Waste toolkit, deriving from the DOTCOM project, sought to increase the capabilities of law enforcement agencies, customs and port authorities, environmental agencies and prosecutors to fight cross-border waste crime more cost-effectively. The second version includes new modules, updated information, training materials and methodologies in relation to inspecting and enforcing shipments of waste and has been supported by the WasteForce and LIFE SWEAP projects.

The Wildlife and Waste Crime toolkits aim to support inspection bodies and law enforcement agencies to inspect, detect and investigate possible cases of wildlife and waste crimes. They were developed as part of the IMPEL-led SPIDER WEB project.

 PREVENT is an up to date online training and capacity building tool that, via its modules, will provide direct benefits to environmental regulators, inspectors and enforcers in dealing detecting, preventing and tackling environmental crime. I invite all officers involved in environmental enforcement work to register in order to get access to PREVENT.

Nancy Isarin, IMPEL project manager

Client: IMPEL

The icons are designed by graphic designer Gilli Atmodimedjo – Visiblezense.

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